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Wireless Cintenna / AKS Kit

We've expanded into the world of wireless DMX!!

This kit from Rat-Pac/Innovative Dimmers is now the most useful tool I own.... why??

because it gives me the instant control and flexibility I need when dealing with the ever-increasing 'smart' lights that are popular these days...

Its completely versatile and easy to setup...

The AKS unit allows me to tap into fixtures that run Lumen Radio, for example;

Kino Selects, Sumo Space Lights, etc

The Cintenna's can be:

1) directly plugged into a unit or any DMX-able ballast; for example - Arri Skypanels, (pictured below, Cintenna/CreamSource)

2) plugged into one unit and then daisy-chained (pictured below: Sumo SpaceLight - daisy chained)

3) plugged into a Lightronics or Leprechaun DMX lunchbox (pictured below, 6ch Lightronics box)

4) etc, etc

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