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4Ton Primo Electric Package


Arri M40

2x Arri M18

K5600 1600 Joker

2x K5600 800w Joker w/ Joleko

NanLux 1200Dyno

2x Vortex 8

2x Vortex 4

2x Arri SkyPanel S60

2x LiteMat 8+

2x Litemat 4 Spectrum

2x LiteMat 4+

2x LiteMat 2L Spectrum

12x Astera Titan Tubes

4x Quasar RGB Rainbow Tubes

10x Quasar BiColor Tubes

2020 Chevy 5500XD

26,000lb GCWR   /  Diesel Engine   /  20ft American MFG Box  /  Height 102in (8.5ft)  x  Width 102in (8.5ft)
Step-Saver Side Entrance  /   Dhollandia 3300lb cap. Liftgate  /  72in x 96in Aluminum platform


4Ton Primo Grip Package


Basic Grip Package

w/ additional

Dana Dolly Kit

6x, 8x Wag Flags

20x Frame

Menace Arm Kits

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