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Custom be continued

A few of my favorite homemade items...

1) RGB / Hybrid LiteRibbon "Bar"

These came out great! They're super punchy and have a clean metallic housing so they look nice in front of the camera. Wireless capable, Bright & RGB/Hybrid = Happy

2) 40 socket tungsten space light!!

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands lol! This beauty has 3 circular rows totaling 40 sockets (with 3 x 20amp plugs). This would be great as an overhead (oh yes, we have a black skirt for it too ;-)

3) The Rolling 4x8 Softbox

One of my absolute favorites!! This baby was born in NY on the set of 'Time:The Kalief Browder Story'.

My friend and DP on the project, James Adolphus, wanted something that we could roll around and use to augment the massive amounts of natural daylite streaming into the set. We rigged a 4x frame to the front, and then voila! a rolling soft box! The 4x4 version is what I came up originally.... but then quickly wanted this 4x8 version...

4) LED Tubes / LED China Ball

Love these Hybrid LED tubes. They use the same harp as a JEM ball or K5600/Chimera ring, super convenient!!

A great way to use these...... the 'ole walking JEM Ball on a stick....(best part, its controllable!! - output, color and wireless DMX capable)

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